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What is paint by numbers?


A new unpainted paint by number kit, including paint brushes, hooks and oil paints

 A new opened kit completed with brushes, picture hooks and paints.

Paint by numbers is a kit having a pre-printed outline of a picture.  Think of contour maps or a finished 'join the dots' pictures with numbers within each enclosed area.  Each area marked with a number corresponds to a paint colour that should be painted in that area. The goal is to fill in all the areas with all the corresponding colours. This allows anyone with none to limited experience to easily paint a masterpiece in no time.

So be amazed with what you can achieve with Mosaque's paint by numbers kits! Mosaque's paint by numbers kits are perfect as a gift, for beginners wanting to learn how to paint, a teaching tool to inspire kids or just simply anyone who just wants to have fun.

 Image showing a partial complete kit to a completed kit

 Amazing masterpieces with what you can do with our kits

Our kits include:

  • A pre-printed and pre-stretched linen canvas. 
  • A set of nylon brushes.
  • Full set of paint colours.
  • Full painting instructions.

One of the key differences of Mosaque's paint by numbers kits has been its quality. In particular, the linen canvases that we offer that provides comfort and ease of painting in comparison to cotton based kits as is widely available. In fact, linen canvases is of higher quality, is suitable for painting and remains to be a popular choice amongst professional artists*.    

Our customers have told us how easy it is to paint and have been so impressed with the quality and their finished masterpiece. So give it a try today!


Which size should I choose?

The size will depend largely on where you wish to hang your pictures and what effect you would like to achieve. At the moment, Mosaque provides sizes starting from 20 x 20 cm, up to 50 x 65cm and a special 3 pack at 40 x 50cm and 50 x 50 cm size.

  • 20 x 20cm: These are great for kids, for parents wanting to decorate their kids room or anyone wanting to start out.  It has a limited number of colours and so is fun and can be quickly finished in within an hour.  Combine 3 or more of these and you'll get an impressive collage of canvases.
  • Single 30 x 40cm up to 50 x 65 cm: These are an excellent choice for generally anyone and has a larger variety of different pictures with themes such as animals and pets, landscapes, seasides, beaches and more!
  • 3 Set 40 x 50cm or 50 x 50cm: Spice up your rooms with Mosaque's 3 piece sets.  These sets is a collage of larger canvases of adjoining pictures. Inspire your friends and families when they see these hanging in your home.   



* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canvas 


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